let's grow the Web3 with a positive impact in the real world!


The ACADEE BLOCKHEADZ SOCIETY is a private community gathering all those interested in digital assets and blockchain wishing to support real life projects.

We have all made mistakes in our investments by having too much FOMO, following a sponsored tweet, not securing our wallet enough… Today we want to regroup to be stronger together.

We love blockchain, digital assets, web3 and decentralization. We love it even more when this revolution is applied in a concrete way in everyday life.

With the artist Korny_hec, we have created a collection of 5,000 NFTs, the BLOCKHEADZ, which will give you access to many events related to the crypto / NFT / Metaverse world. You will also support associative and entrepreneurial projects related to the web3.

The more the community grows, the more our actions can be realized.
The final goal is the creation of a fund to support projects related to Web3 (see Roadmap).

So, have fun, learn, share… always in a responsible way.



Preparation and Pre-mint

  • Launch of the official website
    Marketing and awareness
    Collaboration with influencers

FALL 2022

Private Mint & VIP Access

  • Whitelist  Registration
  • Animation / Giveaways on Discord
  • Private Mint Price : 58 MATIC

WINTER 2022 / 2023

Mint & official launch

  • Mint Price : 116 MATIC
  • Max supply: 5 000 NFT
  • Opening of the Whitelist  Mint page
  • Public Sale : January 2023
  • Reveal of the design of your NFTs

Liquidity poll activated.
70% of all transactions will go into a liquidity pool to support various projects and associations. Only 5 000 Blockheadz will be generated...



  • Support to an association against violence against women to allow them financial freedom via a crypto wallet

50 %

  • Creation of a complete Web3 Developer training course for people in professional reconversion
  • Support for projects related to accessibility and greater parity in the digital professions
  • Support to GNO projects using crypto for developping countries


  • Creation of an NFT / Crypto event
  • Invitation offered to all holders of the NFT « ACADEE BLOCKHEADZ SOCIETY »
  • Giveaways of individual crypto coaching 
  • One tree planted for each minted NFT

100 % - SOLD OUT

  • Launch of a fund to support Blockchain / NFT / Web3 projects
  • Collaborative decision making via our Discord on investment / support
  • The  « BLOCKHEADZ » NFT holders  will receive one part of the profits generated by companies supported by the ACADEE BLOCKHEADZ SOCIETY

frequently asked questions

Each BLOCKHEADZ is unique and generated from rare features like backgrounds, eyes, clothes, accessories...

An NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a unique digital object that users can buy, own and trade. Some NFTs have the primary function of being digital art and looking cool, others offer additional features like exclusive access to websites or event participation. Think of them as a rare piece of art that can also serve as a membership card.

Our mission is to create a learning community around web3, digital assets and more broadly blockchain.

We also want to bring a concrete solution in « real life » by supporting various associations and entrepreneurial projects related to web3. 

ACADEE will donate 70% of all its net revenues to the NFT cash reserve of the « ACADEE BLOCKHEADZ SOCIETY », thus increasing the base value of your NFT.

Apart from the social element, the NFT club « ACADEE BLOCKHEADS SOCIETY » has a cash reserve. This reserve is fed by each sale of NFT (70%) and the sale of ACADEE training (5% of its turnover). This system is designed to maintain and increase the value of the NFT.

The selection of the projects will be done in a collaborative way between the members of the « ACADEE BLOCKHEADZ SOCIETY », i.e. between the holders of the NFT BLOCKHEADZ.

The holders of a rare and super-rare NFT BLOCKHEADZ will have higher percentages of remuneration on the dividends paid by the companies in which the « ACADEE BLOCKHEADS SOCIETY » fund is a shareholder.

116 MATIC + gas fees

A Metamask wallet with the Polygon Network setup is required to purchase in MATIC (see price).

Metamask is a cryptographic wallet that can store your crypto currencies, and is needed to buy and mint an ABHS NFT. Having a wallet gives you an POLYGON address (for example 0xABCD….1234), which is where your NFT will be stored. To learn more about Metamask and its ease of use, click here!

From now on, you are the owner of a Metamask wallet. To access it, simply search for the extension in your browser’s « Extensions » tool. We also recommend that you pin it to the frequent extensions as you will be using it a lot.

There are several ways to add a network to your Metamask. Unfortunately, there is always a risk that the network you have found on your own is fraudulent. However, this risk is very small on such large networks. You should therefore be meticulous in your research if you wish to add a network that is not well known by Internet users.


Then enter the following information:

5,000 will be produced. 100 will be retained for marketing purposes and giveaways.

Yes, we’ll be giving away training, tickets to crypto events, coaching sessions and many other prizes.  Stay tuned to our Discord in the « Giveaways » room

The founding members are four people who came together to create a learning community around blockchain and the Web3 :

  • Samuel DUMAS – Founder of the training organization ACADEE BLOCKCHAIN ACADEMY
  • Hugo DURAND – Entrepreneur / Blockchain addict
  • Maximilian Jurdie – Consultant NFT / PLAY-TO-EARN
  • Guillaume Baudoin aka KORNY_HEC – French Graffiti Artist & Illustrator

We want to create a warm and welcoming space to make web3 grow in the real world.





Entrepreneur / Blockchain addict




French Graffiti Artist & Illustrator




(2) TTSDev (Ton Talent au Service du Développement) is an international association, currently active in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We inform and raise awareness among young people, the force of the future, in rural areas to discover and showcase their talents in the service of local development. This, in order to stop the waves of migration to urban areas and beyond :

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